Outdoor Camping

Outdoor Camping in UK

There are a number of outdoor camping options in the UK with some being more suitable than others. Camping is typically done with tents and available sleeping bags and mattresses, some people choose to carry their own tent however this is not always necessary. In the UK, there are two types of camping available, wild camping or caravanning which can be either free or on-site.

Wild camping

Wild camping is where you are allowed to camp by foot and not be restricted by site limits, this sort of camping requires a lot of planning and specialist equipment such as a compass to help navigate the area. Find out more about camping kristiansand here. Wild camping may have some limitations depending on location, for example the Cornish coast line has seasonal restrictions due to its popularity with tourists.


Caravanning is another more common style of outdoor camping which can either be free or on-site, there are a variety of registered caravan sites available from small locations with communal toilets and showers, to large locations with residential facilities such as bungalows for rent. The average price for an overnight stay at a registered caravan site is in the region of £20-30.

Outdoor camping in the UK is ideal for those who want a smaller, more intimate style experience, it is possible to go wherever you like without being restricted by where the nearest campsite is. This sort of style of camping requires a bit of planning to ensure you stay safe and carry specialist equipment to avoid getting lost. The amount of planning needed is determined by your experience and what sort of environment you are planning on staying in. Find out more about camping kristiansand here.It is important to remember that even if you're not restricted by where you camp, there may be restrictions depending on the area such as boundaries or sensitive wildlife.

Cheap Camping

Camping in the UK is not expensive, especially if you have your own equipment or choose to wild camp. Caravan sites may vary but are typically cheaper than most hotels and there are a large number of caravan sites available. Check out latest camping equipment here. There is also an option to rent accommodation for your stay which can be great for those looking for a more residential-style experience.

Holiday for Less

Camping is one of the most affordable and cost-effective ways to take a holiday, particularly if you have your own equipment. There are camp sites available all over the UK with a range of different facilities so you can choose where to go depending on what you are looking for.